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SuspenDC comes to Baltimore!

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Sunday, March 3rd, at The Baltimore Playhouse, join in an amazing day of flesh hook play and community ritual. You will see people flying through the air, people making magik through their drumming, a great potluck, and a community of amazing people. 

Doors open at 11amThe first suspension is at noon.  The last suspension goes up at 6pm. 

The SuspenDC crew will be there to offer a variety of flesh hook experiences.  For those ready to fly, the crew has a number of suspension positions they can help you achieve.  For those new to the experience, a hook pull gives a taste of the experience.  While flyers are in the air, a community of friends will be facilitating the experience through drumming. 

Essence of Earth and Spirit will be there to offer magikal tools to help you on your journey.

How Do I Get In On The Fun?

A valid Photo ID is required at the door. No Exceptions

-Door Charge-

There is a door charge for everyone attending:
Non-Contributors:                         $15
Playhouse & BESS contributors:   $10
Prepaid Hook Suspensions and Hook Pulls: Free Entry

-Hook Pulls Cost-

Hook Pulls are $60 for 2 8g hooks placed anywhere you like. 

-Suspensions Cost-

Suspensions are priced based on complexity, starting at $150.
The most standard suspension, a vertical suspension with (4 or 6) 8g hooks placed across the back is $150. A more challenging suspension of 2, 4g hooks is also available for $150. For more complex suspensions, please contact the team lead Whittney Matlock,, to discuss what you want and the cost.
-Reserve Your Time to Fly-

How Can I Participate?

There are many ways to take part in the day's activities.


You get on the runway, spread your wings and fly. There are many ways to go up, the suspension team is here to discuss options and help you decide which one is best for you. If you know you want to fly, it's best to communicate with the team early (contact info below). There will be a limited amount of flightsaqw for the day so registering ahead of time is highly recommended!  There may be one or two spots open the day of the event, and flights are scheduled on a first come basis.
Flyers are also encouraged to bring on their own style and magik to the event. Costumes, face paint, your special music, your community of supporters, etc. The space is here for experimentation and play. You are empowered to use it.

LehkaFlying Mike flying

-Hook Pull-

Some people are not ready to fly but want to try out the feeling of hooks. For you there is a hook pull. Two hooks are placed anywhere on your body and attached to a cord. From there you and a partner, or you and an anchor point, play tug-o-war to create sensation and feel out how your body responds to being hooked. For people interested in flying but with no experience with this kind of body modification, this is a great first step of exploration.

Group Hook Pull


For many people, flying is not currently an option but they love being in a space where people challenge themselves. You are welcome to come watch and see how this community plays.


Some people are called to support flyers in their quest to defy gravity. A supporter takes an active role by being a positive, uplifting, supportive spirit as someone flies. This can be playing a drum, shaking a rattle, being actively supportive in their words and attention. Having this kind of cheering section creates a magik, for the flyer and the supporters, that has to be experienced in order to be believed.


An important part of hook suspensions is drumming. We keep the rhythm going all day to support the adepts who are working their bodies to find their healing and their magik. Bring your drum, rattle, or any acoustical instrument, or borrow one of ours. We like to share our toys.


-Contributing to the Community Food Table-

Taking chances and holding a safe space take a lot of energy. To support each other in a physical way, everyone is asked to bring a dish/snack to share on the community table.

Event Photo Policy

Why Do People Do This?

Hook suspension opens the mind to explore personal spiritual practice. The profound challenge of the experience has an uncanny ability to open doors of perception to the self like few other experiences. For some of us, flying is an exploration of our participation in the BDSM community. This extreme activity helps us to test our limits and see what we are made of. For others, flying is a hot, exciting thrill ride like no other. Regardless of one's personal motivations, we come together as a community to support each other in facing this challenge and to witness each other's success.

Who is SuspenDC?

The SuspenDC Crew is an experienced, well trained, and highly skilled suspension team.  They have been helping people to experience flesh hooks at SuspenDC and Camp Crucible for many years.  With years of experience in creating successful flights they know how to keep flyers safe and ensure the best experiences possible.
The team lead, Whittney Matlock, has been involved in the flesh hook community for over 20 years and has organized SuspenDC events since 2007.  In 2013 he pulled together the SuspenDC Crew to begin offering flesh hooks at Camp Crucible and at The Crucible.  The team members all come from the BDSM community with most of the core members being licensed health care professionals.  The Crew looks forward to helping you Get Hooked and Fly!

What is Community Ritual?

Rituals are physical acts which help an individual focus on a goal.  That goal can be change, it can be understanding, it can be pleasure, it can be funÖ it can be whatever the individual chooses.  Ritual proves useful when doing flesh hook work as it helps to guide the mind on its journey through the experience.  Community Ritual simply means that the SuspenDC community of flyers welcomes and supports each individual to bring on their magik and help them get the most from their hook experience. 
For those interested, we'll gather at noon to create a circle of intention that will help us to focus our energy and effort throughout the rest of the day. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the circle casting and to program your autopilot for the flight!
If you want to create a personal ritual but donít know how, contact the team lead for guidance:


-Register for Your Suspension/Questions-

Ready to make plans to fly?  Questions about what we are doing?
Contact the SuspenDC team lead, Whittney Matlock, at or on Fetlife contact OrdealShaman

The event organizer can be reached on Fetlife as AngelicSerenity or by email at:

Get Hooked and Fly!