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Get Hooked & Fly with Us!

Drumming for a SuspensionDrum With Us!

We always have live drummers and provide extra drums and noisemakers. Everyone at the event is welcome and encouraged to drum along with the other live drummers. Why?

But I Don't Know What/How to Play...!

Getting Into the GrooveEveryone can play a drum, especially if there are others around to play with. Here are some tips:

First Time Drumming?

The Community Drum TableThere are some guidelines and basic etiquette for drumming at this (and most drum circles) just like there are basic manners for eating dinner at someone's home. Very simple and easy:

Most Important

Playing Together and Having FunPlay WITH the people around you. If you trance out (it happens) or get bored/tired/hungry, or find that you can't hear or see what anyone else is playing, take a moment to check in, watch, listen. Most of the time you'll get a smile back. Or maybe someone will look at you needing help. Then it's your turn to smile with them.

TRY something, even if only for a couple of minutes. It'll be okay. Really.

Have fun!


Three Pairs of Hands Playing As OneOne of the drummers may get a great idea for a groove. One of the piercers might need some quiet to hear the person they're suspending. Signals and questions can help get everybody on the same page if needed. Listen and try to honor them when you hear them.

Drumming Is Fun!Did I mention?



Have Fun!

Happy Drumming!

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