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Guest Professionals

In addition to talent local to the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area, SuspenDC also welcomes accomplished Guest Piercing and Suspension Professionals with recognized skills from across the country.

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Steve A Haworth Human Evolution Arts

At the September 18, 2011 SuspenDC, we enjoyed the great privilege of having the legendary Steve A Haworth join us piercing and suspending folks.

He did great work and had a knack for making every person he pierced/suspended feel like they were the stars of his universe.

Steve is an accomplished body modification artist and inventor of various piercings, piercing tools, piercing techniques, laser branding, ear pointing and probably most well known for the 3-D Body Art and Metal Mohawk. A favorite quote:

"Those with open minds realize that this may not necessarily be about hurting yourself, but might be as simple as being comfortable in your skin, being yourself."

-- Steve A Haworth      

Team TDH - Throwin Dem Hooks Suspension TeamTDH - throwin dem hooks

Team TDH joined us for the March 18, 2012 SuspenDC, and braved the road with us to do suspensions at the 2011 InkFest Live DC and the April 13, 2012 BOUND: Angels and Demons event.

Piercing is a very serious form of art to TDH. Each member comes from a different studio in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area - piercers Josh Burge, Pu Nastee, Ryan Provido, Alley Bangarang, Cat Brocato, and tattoo artist Jay Garrett - and all come with many years of experience in body modification and many different views of the industry.

Because of this they understand Suspension means many different things to their clients. For some it’s the spiritual aspect, others for getting over fears, or just for fun and experience. The group values and supports any and all of these experiences, and hopes to continue many more years of sharing this art with others.

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