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Poster and Flyer

March 23, 2014 Event Poster and Postcard/Flyer:

2014 Spring SuspenDC Poster featuring Elizallyn
2014 Spring SuspenDC Postcard Flyer featuring Richie and Roxy
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2014 Spring SuspenDC Postcard Flyer featuring Richie and Roxy
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Event Text Summary

Ancient Tribal Rituals meet Modern Body Piercing at SuspenDC

Event: SuspenDC
When: Sunday March 23, 2014 Noon-9:00 pm
Where: The Crucible, 16 M Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
Contact: Whittney Matlock, 202-841-8128


January 1, 2014 — At SuspenDC, held March 23, 2014  at The Crucible in Washington, D.C., modern body piercing enthusiasts can "get hooked and fly" using suspension techniques borrowed from ancient tribal initiations and rituals.

Suspensions will be performed by the Chaos to Cosmos suspension team, led by Whittney Matlock. Participants will be pierced in the chest, back, arms and/or sides with large stainless steel hooks. The hooks will then be attached by rope to a rigging or to other pierced participants. Suspending participants are safetied and guided through their experience with the assistance of Whittney and other members of the team.

By undergoing such a physical and mental ordeal, those who are suspended may achieve an altered state of consciousness or have a spiritual experience, often leading to a sense of camaraderie among the event participants.

"The people were all wonderful. It was such a nice and welcoming atmosphere," says Jane Baden, who has attended 3 SuspenDC events. "Everyone was so supportive, and even though I was new I felt like I really was among good friends."

The suspensions were accompanied by rhythms from a small drum circle in which anyone could play. Mike Bryan "really enjoyed playing in the drum circle, and even though I didn't have a drum with me, there were extras available. It made me feel at home and at peace."

SuspendDC was launched in spring 2007 by Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm with resounding success, and grew with a fall 2007 event that boasted eighty local body piercing enthusiasts and five body piercing professionals. The event has been growing ever since.

Participants must be 18 years old and sign a liability waiver. To register, or to learn more, visit

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Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm (Kindlers) is a spiritual group following the path of Ordeal, exploring the energy of extremes through ritual and trance. Combining ritual intention with intense physical stimulation to create altered states of awareness, Kindlers connects with Spirit through the ecstasy created by overcoming ordeal.

Chaos 2 Cosmos suspension team: Whittney & Co. bring the skills and expertise from years of dedicated practice to the craft of creating mystical experience with flesh hook suspensions. Experience has taught us that flesh hooks help people find places of deep personal power and transformation. This is an experience so out of the ordinary that it offers perspective, insight and peace to those who take the risk. To help you discover this experience and use it for your own growth, we focus on you and supporting you in creating your experience. Facilitating a safe environment to play in and we offer you the chance to make the magik of transformation happen.


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