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Get Hooked & Fly with Us!

SuspenDC at InkFest Live DC 2011

InkFest LiveInkFest. Live. DC. Nationals Stadium. November 18-20. Wants us to do suspensions!


Come Hang with Us...

...Literally! We will be able to hook and suspend a number of people on-site during the InkFest event. We will have piercing professionals and suspension rigging so you can get hooked and fly with us.

Come to the SuspenDC booth at Ink Fest and reserve a suspension.We only have so many times we can book during the event, so soonest is best.

Showin'em How We Fly!

We will also be doing 2 examples of our brand of ritual suspension every day of the InkFest Live DC event. Below are some of the ritual flyers we have planned. Please, come out and support them. Drum, cheer, and give the folks at InkFest a live view of the suspension community here!

Holly: Transformation
Lehka: a Firebird Kari: Releasing the Past
Friday 6:30 pm
Saturday 3:30 pm
Sunday 1:00 pm
Releasing the Past
Clinton: Sacrificial Flight Darian: Making the Cut  
Friday 9:00 pm
Sacrificial Flight
Saturday 8:00 pm
Making the Cut


Remember Your Tickets

Ink Fest Live DC will be November 18th through 20th at Nationals Park, 1500 South Capitol Street SE, Washington DC 20003. The event doors are open:

Get tickets to the InkFest Live DC event. Even if you aren't really able to hang with us, come say "Hi" and check us out at the SuspenDC booth/suspension area!

For More Info...

If you would like to know more about SuspenDC, please contact us.