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Get Hooked & Fly with Us!

Why Do We Do This?

Member of the Body Mod Tribe, WolfgangSo, some of you may be looking at this and wondering why someone would want to get hooks stuck into their skin and hang from them? What the...?

For some it may literally be an endorphin rush, for others it may be facing a great fear or challenge. At SuspenDC we certainly welcome and support those ways of approaching this experience.

For many, there is something more - an aspect that we at SuspenDC also honor and encourage folks to consider experiencing or at least thinking about...

The Body Is Sacred

We are a tribe of body worshipers.  By that, I mean that we are a community of individuals whose experiences have brought each of us to the common understanding that the Divine is within our skin. We worship with and through our bodies.  We are challenged with learning how to express that Divine through our bodies.

Body Movement

Lehka Enjoying Movement during her SuspensionFor some the Divine is expressed through movement.  Our bodies hear the Song of the Divine and must move to Its melody.  Every heartbeat keeps time with the Song.  Every turn, gesture, pause and movement are a visceral interpretation of the Song.  There is music all around us and we must dance.

Body Art / Body Mod

For others the Divine is expressed through the art we make of ourselves.  The clothes we wear and what we do to our hair and nails are shadows cast by the Divine.  Patterns of being that shift and change through time.  Coming and going into and out of fashon.  Beneath this ever changing skin, the patterns we create on our skin and in our skin show the Divine as we know it.  Every symbol is a glyph of understanding.  Every picture becomes a window looking in on the Divine.   We see an image of the Divine and allow it to be seen through us.

Feeling with the Body

For others the Divine is a feeling deep within.  There is a drive within us to feel.  A need to experience the world first hand at the level of our gut.   We feel our way through life and into the Divine.   With our skin we feel the ever changing world of illusions to learn its secrets.  Within our skin we feel the Divine squirming and wriggling.  It touches us softly to guide us.  It shakes us up to get our attention.  Every feeling opens us up more and more to the Divine.   Intensity approaches Divinity.

Body Alchemy

At SuspenDC we practice finding the Divine through our bodies and our experience.  From our pain, sweat, and tears of our ordeal we create a personal alchemical philosopher's stone.  An elixir of Life that heals the body and soul.  We push ourselves to discover what we can endure and then reap the rewards of persevering. We transform. We reach the Divine.

Touching the Divine Begins with the Body

Kari and Steve touch during Kari's suspensionDeep within us the seed of the Divine sleeps.  We struggle and work to wake it up and shake it out of Its dream.  When we awaken the Divine within, we begin the process of discovering the Divine all around us.

With the awareness of the Divine in the Body, we start to find the Divine in everything and in everybody we touch and allow to touch us.

If we can bring even some of that awareness back to our everyday life after we come down from our hooks, we will have helped the world transform into a more Divine place to live.

So, we encourage you: Move. Feel. Touch. Be moved. Be felt. Be touched. Be Art. Be Alchemy. Be Divine. Become. Be welcome. Be.


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