Upcoming SuspenDC events!

  • 2022/11/26: Nightmare in November

    2022/11/26: Nightmare in November

    Nightmare in November offers a space for extreme play after a holiday of extreme eating. Join your friendly neighborhood kinksters in a night of over the top fun at The Crucible. Escape your family and join in the revels as The Crucible makes space for those who like to play on the edge. SuspenDC will…

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  • 2023/03/18: Twisted Leprechaun

    2023/03/18: Twisted Leprechaun

    Willow and Whittney bring SuspenDC to Philadelphia. March 18th and 19th they will be teaching about and offering Hook Pulls at Twisted Leprechan. Register for the event at: Twisted Leprechaun on Eventbrite. Register for a Hook Pull at the event through our Registration page.Interested in flesh hook rituals and the benefits of physical challenge? Come…

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  • 2023/03/25: SuspenDC

    2023/03/25: SuspenDC

    Calling all Flyers, Dancers, and Supporters! SuspenDC hosts a day of Flesh Hooks at The Crucible. From Noon to 2am SuspenDC will offer you the chance to challenge yourself through ritual flesh hooks. The team offers you the chance to dance with hooks by doing a pull or to take flight with a suspension. From…

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  • Want to Fly between events?

    Want to Fly between events?

    SuspenDC is part of The Crucible family. Though we may not have an official event happening each month, we have access to the club during other events (with the approval of the event organizer) to make flights happen. We also have the ability to bring the experience to your space if the right infrastructure is…