Event Forms

Photo Release

Photographers capture the experiences of SuspenDC so that the flyers have a record of their accomplishment. Also, they make sure the event gallery has something in it. We understand that not everyone wants to be photographed or have pictures of themselves showing up on web pages. To manage this, we ask everyone to let us know their preference so we can honor it.
Everyone attending the event is asked to sign a Photo Release indicating explicitly if they are comfortable appearing in the images captured during the event. You can find the current version of the Photo Release below. After signing the form, everyone has their picture taken with their photo ID and their release form with their choice clearly visible. This allows us to positively identify those who do not want appear in images so we can edit them out in post production.
All attendees receive a wrist band indicating their choice on the Photo Release form. All participants must keep their wrist bands visible in some meaningful way so that our photographers know whom they may photograph and whom they need to avoid.
If you do not want to appear in the official event pictures, please be mindful of where the photographers are and avoid standing between them and the flyers they photograph.

Only Event Photographers may take photos during the event. All participants are asked to abide by The Crucible’s policy of No Use of Cell Phone Use Inside the Club and to refrain from bringing cameras or other photo equipment with them to the event.

Piercing Release

All participants of SuspenDC who wish to suspend, do a hook pull, or ball dance mush sign the event Piercing Release. They also have to provide positive proof of age (valid government issued ID) which will be photographed with the release for the event records. The current version of the Piercing release appears below.