A community of trained, experienced kinksters working together to create life-changing experiences for those who dare to reach past their limits.

SuspenDC is a hook suspension and body piercing team organized by Whittney Matlock with support from members of the BDSM, Pagan, and Body Modification community in the Washington, DC area and beyond. SuspenDC creates a opportunity for personal and community rituals of challenge and ordeal. Whittney and the team hold safe space for others to create your unique, personal experience at our events. Meet the team.

Some of you may be looking at these images and wondering: “What is going on here?!” “Why would anyone want to do this?!” —here’s why.

SuspenDC gives you the chance to experience the ancient challenge of hook suspension and body piercing with the safety of modern standards of practice. Hook pulls, suspensions, and other body piercing experiences offer an individual the chance to test themselves by attempting the seemingly impossible. SuspenDC creates a safe, community-supported space, offering participants a variety of ways to face this challenge. Some participants choose to get hooked themselves; others choose to be present and supportive of the flyers. Learn what to expect at our events.

Hook suspensions are an extreme challenge to every part of your body and self: physical, mental, and spiritual. We each bring unique strengths and weaknesses to meet this challenge. Are you preparing for a suspension? Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, get prepared to fly.

Hook suspension presents many challenges and opportunities for a team. Nothing about a great experience happens by chance. Technical skills must be mastered. Teamwork requires practice. Team members must learn to communicate clearly and effectively. Plans and equipment must be in place for typical and emergency situations. Find out how we train.

Our home base is The Crucible in Washington, DC—and Camp Crucible is our home away from home.