(back) Ryan, Kismet, Gray, Nimmy, Frank, (front) Nichole, Marti, Willow, Whittney, Maggie, Ben

Who We Are

Established by Whittney Matlock in 2007, SuspenDC is a hook suspension team that brings together BDSM, pagan, and body modification communities in Washington, DC and beyond to experience wonder through ordeal. We are a team of trained, experienced kinksters working together to create life-changing experiences for those who dare to reach past their limits.

We facilitate body modification ordeals in a positive, supportive, and uplifting environment that centers the person and their experience. We value teamwork, community support, and individual development. We trust, respect, teach, and learn from each other and from everyone who visits us.

Co-organizers & Team Leads

Whittney & Willow