SuspenDC is organized by Whittney Matlock with a great deal of support from members of the BDSM, Pagan, and Body Modification community here in the greater DC area. SuspenDC creates a space for personal and community rituals of challenge and ordeal. A practicing shaman for the BDSM community, Whittney and the team holds safe space for others to create their unique experience of the mystery of ordeal. A more complete discussion of Ordeal as Ritual can be found at Why We Fly.
The SuspenDC team evolves over time. All current team members demonstrate skill and enthusiasm in helping people to fly. Some team members specialize. Others work many different positions within the team. Working together we create opportunities for people to experience wonder through ordeal. If you are interested, here is How We Train.

Current Team Core

Whittney MatlockPilot

Team Lead, Piercer, Jack-of-All-Trades and Main Organizer.

MaggieGround Crew

Expert Ground Crew and Piercing/Clean Up Assist.


Expert Rigger,
Belay, and Piercer


Expert Piercer,
Rigger, Ground Crew

BenFlight Control

Flight Schedules, Crew and Flyer Wrangler, Piercing/Clean Up Assistant